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March Weatherlore

Well, the third month from:

“Weather Lore - A Collection of Proverbs, Sayings & Rules Concerning the Weather”

Compiled & Arranged by Richard Inwards FRAS. Published by Pryor Publications 1999, First published by Elliot Stock “around 1893”.

List of Common Plants

And the dates at which they ought to be in full flower. The forwardness of the seasons may be judged by the punctuality of the appearance of the blossoms.

Month Date Flower
March 1 Leek
March 4 Chickweed
March 5 Hellebore
March 6 Lent Lily
March 7 Early Daffodil
March 8 Great Jonquill
March 13 Heartsease
March 15 Coltsfoot
March 17 Shamrock
March 24 Saxifrage
March 25 Marigold
March 29 Oxlip
March 30 Cardamine
March 30 Lesser Daffodil

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