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Weather Analysis for January

Weather Data for January 2006 (from The Met Office Website)

Rainfall totals were well below average. England, Wales and Northern Ireland all had their driest January since 1997. Out of the last 15 months (since November 2004), 13 months have had below average rainfall across England SE & Central S. Mean temperatures close to average across the south of the UK, but well above average across the north of Scotland.

England SE & central South

Max Temp: 6.9oC (0.2oC higher than long term mean)
Min Temp: 1.9oC (0.9oC higher than long term mean)
Mean Temp: 4.4oC (0.6oC higher than long term mean)

Edith Holden remarked that January 1906 was milder than usual, winter aconite and snowdrops were in bloom by January 27th. This year we finally saw the two in bloom last week (around 14th February). It is probably fair to say that in plant terms, this January has been quite cold. If it hadn't been so dry we may have seen snow settle in Central London!

More interesting, Edith also was able to pick daisies on 29th January, so it is not so unusual to spot daisies in the middle of February.

I've found the most amazing record of mean temperatures for "Central England" going back to 1659. It makes amazing reading!!! Anyway, taking this year and the comparison year (1906), I can categorically state that the mean temperature for January 2006 (4.4oC) is 17% lower than 1906 (5.3oC).

Oh, I'm gonna have fun with that!


I know I've been amiss with updating the Holden extracts and the Weatherlore - it's something I'm going to put tomorrow...
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